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1. It is forbidden to try to buy or sell real drugs!

2. It is forbidden to give out your password to ANYONE, even game administrators. We will never ask your password.

3. It is forbidden to use any cheats, tools or programs that play the game for you. You may play only with following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari.

4. It is forbidden to use automated page reloaders. It is also forbidden to use F5 button. You may only reload page by using browser "refresh" button.

5. Every player is obligated to report critical bugs immediately by using a game "support". Using bugs to gain any advantage will lead to username banning.

6. It is forbidden to sell, buy, share, give away or take a username. Not even for a real money.

7. Username can only have one owner. If username has more than one owner, it is shareing!

8. It is forbidden to curse, insult and agitate racism. It is also forbidden to use insulting or racist usernames.

9. It is forbidden to give or send viruses, spyware nor cheats. It is also illegal to post or send links about webpages that are not related to this game.

10. When you are playing, try to keep your eyes open. When you refresh anti-bot protection page too many times, you will get banned.

11. It is forbidden to use any method to give your money to other players.

12. Everything that is not forbidden, is not necessarily permitted.


When you break any rules you may be banned temporarily or permanently according to the game administrator's mood. If you've been punished unjustly you can prove otherwise in client support compatible section. The owner of the game takes no responsibility for unjust punishing or for the damages arisen due to unjust punishing.


When you register or login to the game, you are agreeing with all the game rules. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse!