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Q: When can I buy the house?

You can buy the house, when you've earned barkeeping level till 10 in the pub. Before buying the house it is advisable to earn some extra money, so you would have enough to purchase crafting materials.

Q: What's the use of improving the house?

Every new level gives you the opportunity to do something you haven't been able to do before.

Level 1 = you can start training crafting, in order to improve house in future.
Level 2 = you can start training chemistry, to earn lots of money.
Level 3 = you can buy a car, to take part in streetraces.
Level 4 = you can visit casino and have an access to a few mini-games.
Level 5 = you can start training herbalist skill and buy a hospital.

Q: How can I upgrade my house?

House's levels are available through training crafting. You can upgrade your house for money after every ten crafting levels.

Q: How much does the upgrade of the house cost?

Every house level is three times more expensive than the previous one. For example, building for the first house level is 5,000, second 15,000, and the third one 45,000 etc.