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Q: How to make quick money at the beginning?

At the beginning the fastest way to make some money is dealing drugs. For that you have to do following:

1. Go to the street and find out which drugs are cheap in the current city. (Look for drugs prices HERE)

2. Buy as much drugs from a street as you can wear on your drug belt.

3. Put all the extra cash definitely in the bank, then you can travel to another city for free.

4. Travel to different cities and look for the city, where your drug is expensive. (Look for drugs prices HERE)

5. Sell your drugs and put the cash definitely in the bank.

6. Find another city, where some drug is very cheap and repeat the process.

NB! You won't become rich with this method, but it'll help you on your feet fast.

When you're still a new player, you could also get a job at the tavern. (You can see the barkeeping manual by clicking HERE)