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Q: What's the idea of having barracks?

You can train soldiers in the barracks and order them to conquer as many cities as possible. Every city increases fame to the gang. If you're not part of any gang, barracks has no use for you.

Q: How can I get soldiers for myself?

You can choose between attacking and defending soldiers and determine how many chosen soldiers you would like to put in the barracks "recruiting room".

Q: How could I improve soldiers?

You can train soldiers at the military school. There you'll choose soldiers whom and how many you want to train (below you can see soldier types).

Q: Which are the differences between soldier types?

1. Attacking squad can attack and conquer empty cities or cities that are owned by other gangs.
2. Defending squad is used to defend your gang’s cities from other gangs.
3. Spying unit’s mission is to gather information about the target city’s defense and radars. If the spying unit is discovered by radar, then it will be destroyed. Unit can contain only one spy.

Q: What can I do with my soldiers and how do I command them?

You can create a squad in a "resting room" and you can see them under "control-center". You can choose "CHANGE" next to the squad and you'll see all the possible opportunities of what you could do with the soldiers. If you want to send them on target choose "Do you want to move a squad", choose "Yes" and push "Done".

Q: What do different colors mean in the citys list?

Colors show the owners of the city.
Red = Enemy has occupied the city.
Blue = City belongs to your gang.
Green = City belongs to your ally.
Black = City without an owner (grab it).

Q: How could I become the owner of a city?

If your squad arrives to the target city, it'll fight with the enemy. If the city has no owner then you can push the button "Conquer" after arriving to the city. If there are defensive squads in the city, then first you have to destroy them all and then you can push "Conquer". After conquering a city, all the squads will move back to the barracks.

Q: What's the use of conquering a city?

Your gang will benefit from it. Whilst the best gang has more glory than anyone else, you need to gain glory constantly. The best way of doing this is conquering cities for the gang. Every city gives 5,000 additional glory points. But when the gang loses the city, it'll lose the glory as well.

Q: How can I help my ally (gang with a treaty)?

As you can't send the squad to the ally's area from "control-center", you have to use "Radar". There you can see all the relevant information about allies and enemies. According to a movement, there's different colored icon in front of every moving squad. If you CLICK on that icon you can choose squads, which you'd like to send defending or attacking.

Q: How can I send soldiers to the barracks?

If your squad isn't already in the barracks, you can choose on squad's page "Do you want to move a squad?" location [BARRACKS]. If the squad is already in the barracks, you can send soldiers in a resting room the same way - choose [RESTING ROOM] for the location.

Q: Where could I see the results of the battle?

For seeing the results you'll receive a report about the war on the "Reports desk" every hour. That'll include everything you need to know in order to be kept posted.

Q: How can I leave from a gang?

You can leave from a gang, when all your soldiers are in a barrack's resting room (you don't have any squads). For that you have to take soldiers to the barracks and choose "Where would you like to move a squad", location [RESTING ROOM]. It'll delete a squad and takes soldiers to the resting room.

Q: Why are the radars necessary in the cities?

Radars are meant for discovering and destroying spying soldiers. You can also see squads in the city. You can build radars on your "Gangs headquarters" in the "Gang's cities" by choosing "Actions" and "Build a radar".

Q: What does radar’s level influence?

IT depends from the level, whether the soldier in the enemy's city will be destroyed, return without information or receive the necessary information. The bigger the radar's level, the bigger is the chance of the spy being destroyed by the radar.

Q: Why is it necessary to take care after radars?

If the radar's condition is zero, it will be ruined and you have to start building radar all over again.

Q: What'll happen with the money that I donate to the gang's treasury?

With the treasury money your gang members can improve and repair gang’s radars. You can donate to the treasury according to your fame.