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Q: What should I do first in the hospital?

1. Firstly you should diagnose 5 patients in the reception. That will help to decide which staff you should hire.

2. Hire AT LEAST few janitors, a nurse, few doctors and doctor’s aids, surgeons and plastic surgeons according to the need of help.
(Read further on to find out why you need them).

3. Buy yourself ambulance and/or black buses and send them to a mission.
(Read further on to find out why you need them).

4. Find out which kind of medicine you need most in order to cure your patients.

5. Upgrade staff's equipment for faster and better treatment.

6. Upgrade hospital's properties from "managing room" in order to simplify earning profit.

Q: Why do I need a black bus?

With black buses you can rob these organs from people which you need.

Q: Why do I need an ambulance?

Ambulance brings patients, who can't come to the reception by themselves, to the hospital. Patients who come with ambulance and who come on their own to the reception have deferent diagnoses.

Q: What’s the use of janitor?

Diagnosing every patient and sending out an ambulance turns the hospital one percent dirtier. The dirtier hospital is, the fewer patients come to the reception. You can't send out an ambulance when hygiene is below 50 percent. Hospital is clean thanks to the janitor.

Q: What’s the use of nurse?

A patient who has had an operation or a plastic surgery should go on rehabilitation. He needs to pay a fee to the hospital for that. The fee depends on the quality of nursing. Every patient who's sent to bed decreases nursing quality one percent. A nurse helps to raise nursing quality.

Q: What’s the use of doctor’s aid?

Doctors, surgeons and plastic surgeons can't treat their patients without an aid. You should have relatively many aids in order to have at least one for each patient.

Q: How will I make profit with the hospital?

A hospital has lots of expenses, starting with staff, who wants money every hour and ending with improving the staff’s equipment. Only possibility to earn profit is to treat as much patients as possible. Patients, whom doctors have diagnosed, pay money as soon as they're SUCCESSFULLY treated. Surgeon's and plastic surgeon's patients pay when they get a place in bed. The amount of money depends on your herbalist level and from the quality of rehabilitation.

Q: How could I increase the level of the hospital?

Hospital's level consists of four qualities: the size of hospital, parking lots, comfort and resting room.

Q: Which factors can influence the probability of doctor’s medicine being effective?

It depends on the doctor's equipment and your herbalist level. Every herbalist level increases successful treatment one percent.

Q: Which factors influence the staff’s dismissal fee?

If you hire staff and want to dismiss his/her, you'll have to pay dismissal fee ten times more than his/her salary. The fee will decrease constantly till it gets to zero.

Q: How much can hospital’s dept raise for the doctors?

If the dept is bigger than 3,000,000*hospital_size, it won't increase any further.

Q: How often will the patients come to the queue of the reception?

Patients will come every hour according to the size and hygiene of the hospital.

Q: How many patients come to the queue of the reception?

Queue limit is 50*hospital_size patients.

Q: What’s the use of using morphine in the rehabilitation?

If you use morphine when putting the patient in bed, then the patient will recover twice as fast.

Q: How could I get more rehabilitation beds?

If you upgrade the size of the hospital, you'll get ten beds with every level.

Q: Where could I get the necessary medicine?

You have to make medicine on your own with the herbalist skill. Check the herbalist manual!