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Q: What are the treasuries and what can I do with them?

Treasuries are in your bank. You can collect treasury items in there. These items will increase treasuries value. You'll be competing with other players according to treasuries value. The results are visible in the high scores. Every new treasury item increases it.

Q: Where could I get treasury items?

You can find treasury items only in the sewer (sewer consists of whole "villas" underground, not only level called sewer). You can't buy nor trade them with others.

Q: Where is the sewer and how could I go there?

Sewer is in the "villas" underground. Only premium members can get into the sewer.

Q: Could I get better items on deeper levels?

No, getting better items doesn't depend on the sewer's level.

Q: How could I get better items than 1-20?

If you have only one treasury, you should collect all 20 different items to the treasury. If you've collected the itmes, you'll automatically get an access to another treasury. With the second treasury you'll find items 1-40 from sewer. With the third treasury you'll be finding items 1-55, etc.

Q: Why should I sell treasury’s items, if they give benefits?

Treasury's capacity is limited. If it's full, it's useful to sell some cheaper items in order to make room for expensive ones. If the treasury is full you can't get a found item into the treasury. You can also sell items, when you're short on money, but you have to have at least one exemplar from each item.