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Q: Why should I have items in the bank?

Every different item gives a number of reputation to the bank. If you get an item that you already have, it will be hold in the bank's storage. You won't earn reputation from them, although you could earn good money from selling them.

Q: Why should I upgrade the bank?

Every bank level gives a lot of reputation.

Q: What's the use of bank's reputation?

Bank's reputation shows how much money clients can store in the bank.

Q: How much do I earn in the bank in an hour?

You'll receive 0,5% of your clients's money on your bank account in an hour. If your clients have got 150,000 EUR in bank, you'll have approximately 750 EUR. The amount of money that's kept in a bank increases 4% within an hour.

Q: Why do I have to clean bank’s items?

Unused items will seem dirty and they won't attract clients. If maintenance of just one item goes to 0, the bank will be closed until you fix the situation. You won't get any money, if the bank isn't open.

Q: How and which items should I put on sale?

You can put items on sale from bank's storage. If you don't have any items in the storage then it means that you only have one of each item.

Q: Where could I get bank items?

You can steal most of the items from villas and botanical garden. Afterwards you should identify them. You can also buy items from the market.