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Q: How to train cooking skill?

1. Buy the tavern/diner by clicking on a link above.
2. Start growing fruit plants in botanical garden.
3. Transport/trade fruit plants in the diner's "Fruit warehouse".
4. Make milk products in the diner's "Milk depot".
5. You can make vegetarian food by mixing two different fruits and one milk product in the diner's "Vegetarian corner".
6. You can make seafood by mixing one fruit and one fish in the diner's "seafood table".

Q: I only have dill or potato, how to I turn them into fruits?

As you can grow only one of the two necessary plants in the fruit garden, you have to trade second plant for yourself in the market. For example, if you have 10 dill plants, then you should trade 5 dill plants for potato plants and transport the rest of the plants into diner's "Fruit warehouse".

Q: How do I earn money with cooking?

Customers visit your diner every hour. Diner's reputation shows you, how much they pay you each time they visit it.

Q: What does the diners reputation depends on?

Reputation depends on how many different foods you have in the "Food menu". The more different foods you have, the bigger is the diner's reputation. (for example: 10 different foods = 320,000; 30 different foods = 20,001,200).

Q: Why and how often preparing food fails?

If your cooking isn't 10 levels higher than is necessary for certain food, then there's a remote chance that preparing food fails. The bigger your level is, the less it fails. You won't get any cooking points for unsuccessful cooking.

Q: Which foods can I make with my cooking level?

You can make different foods in different diner areas....

Foods that are made in the "Vegetarian corner":

Level 1: Fried potatoes with dill (dill+potato+butter)
Level 4: Hash brownie (cacao+cannabis+butter)
Level 7: Cabbage-cucumber salad (cucumber+cabbage+sour cream)
Level 10: Olive bread (olive+wheat+butter)
Level 13: Carrot-radish salad (radish+carrot+sour cream)
Level 16: Banana sandwich (banana+rye+butter)
Level 19: Rice porridge with cranberries (rice+cranberries+milk)
Level 22: Watermelon-strawberry salad (watermelon+strawberry+whipped cream)
Level 25: Cherry-peach custard (peach+cherry+cottage cheese)
Level 28: Apple-pumpkin pie (pumpkin+apple+ice cream)
Level 31: Coconut-lettuce salad (coconut+iceberg lettuce+sour cream)
Level 34: Raspberry-lime soufflé (lime+raspberry+ice cream)
Level 37: French bean-orange salad (orange+French bean+cheese)
Level 40: Plum-mango soufflé (mango+plum+ice cream)
Level 43: Pear-apricot compote (apricot+pear+whipped cream)
Level 46: Cauliflower-spinach puree (spinach+cauliflower+coffee cream)
Level 49: Boiled corn with parsley (corn+parsley+sour cream)
Level 52: Pea-mint puree (Mint+pea+coffee cream)
Level 55: Lima beans with chili (chili+Lima beans+sour cream)
Level 58: Hummus (lemon+chick pea+butter)
Level 61: Beet-garlic puree-soup (garlic+beet+coffee cream)
Level 64: Broccoli-eggplant casserole (eggplant+broccoli+coffee cream)
Level 67: Fennel-paprika wok (paprika+fennel+coffee cream)
Level 70: Parsnip-zucchini terrine (zucchini+parsnip+coffee cream)
Level 73: Magical mushroom salad (narcotic mushroom+meadow mushroom+sour cream)
Level 76: Dredged onion rings (onion+oat+cheese)
Level 79: Ground pear-tomato soup (tomato+ground pear+sour cream)
Level 82: Sea kale-pineapple salad (pineapple+sea kale+sour cream)
Level 85: Ginger-paksoi wok (paksoi+ginger+coffee cream)
Level 88: Yam potato-basil casserole (basil+yam potato+coffee cream)
Level 91: Cloudberry-balm sorbet (balm+cloudberry+milk)
Level 94: Asparagus with sage butter (asparagus+sage+butter)
Level 97: Cabbage-mushroom reels (pak-choi cabbage+chanterelle+sour cream)
Level 100: Dredged artichoke (artichoke+barley+butter)
Level 103: Gumbo-chestnut casserole (gumbo+chestnut+coffee cream)
Level 106: Grape-blueberry custard (light grape+blueberry+ice cream)
Level 109: Paradise compote (dark grape+paradise apple+cottage cheese)
Level 112: Light daikon salad with wasabi sauce (wasabi+daikon+sour cream)
Level 115: Two-currant cheesecake (redcurrant+blackcurrant+cream cheese)
Level 118: Rutabaga-turnip gratin (turnip+rutabaga+whipped cream)
Level 121: Avocado guacamole with jalapeno (avocado+jalapeno+butter)
Level 124: Quince-gooseberry marmalade with curd mousse (quince+gooseberry+cottage cheese)
Level 127: Roman cauliflower with horseradish (roman cauliflower+horseradish+coffee cream)
Level 130: Baked figs with pomegranate sauce (fig+pomegranate+whipped cream)
Level 133: Grapefruit-pomelo salad with whipped cream cheese (pomelo+grapefruit+cream cheese)
Level 136: Persimmon-kiwi tartare with white cheese (persimmon+kiwi+cheese)
Level 139: Date-cowberry chutney with blue cheese (date+cowberry+cheese)
Level 142: Lychee-carambola compote with ice cream (carambola+lychee+ice cream)
Level 145: Tomatillo-Wild Strawberry cheesecake (tomatillo+wild strawberry+cottage cheese)

Foods that are made on "Seafood table":

Level 2: Fried Baltic herring with dill butter (baltic herring+dill+butter)
Level 5: Herring with sour cream (herring+potato+sour cream)
Level 8: Bream fulfilled with cannabis (bream+cannabis+butter)
Level 11: Smoked perch with cucumber sauce (perch+cucumber+sour cream)
Level 14: Cabbage roll with pike (pike+cabbage+coffee cream)
Level 17: Flatfish roll with olives (flatfish+olive+cheese)
Level 20: Minnow pie (minnow+wheat+milk)
Level 23: Smoked plaice with radish salad (plaice+radish+sour cream)
Level 26: burbot-liver-pastry with carrot (burbot+carrot+sour cream)
Level 29: Dredged trout with cheese (rainbow trout+rye+cheese)
Level 32: Pike perch-rice swiss roll (pike perch+rice+sour cream)
Level 35: Sprat gel with cranberries (sprat+cranberries+butter)
Level 38: Hake fillet in pumpkin sauce (hake+pumpkin+coffee cream)
Level 41: Ide with coconut milk (ide+coconut+coffee cream)
Level 44: Smoked mackerel with salad (mackerel+cabbage+sour cream)
Level 47: Shrimps in a lime sauce (shrimps+lime+coffee cream)
Level 50: Smelt soup with beans (smelt+French bean+sour cream)
Level 53: Silver hake rulls with plums (silver hake+plum+cheese)
Level 56: Boiled ruff with spinach (Ruffe+spinach+sour cream)
Level 59: Haddock with cauliflower (haddock+cauliflower+coffee cream)
Level 62: Grilled corn and garfish (garfish+corn+milk)
Level 65: Ray slices with cottage cheese (ray+parsley+cottage cheese)
Level 68: Pea-fish cutlets (salmon+pea+butter)
Level 71: Spicy fried sterlet (sterlet+chili+coffee cream)
Level 74: Tuna-Lima beans salad (tuna+Lima beans+sour cream)
Level 77: Smoked trout with lemon (river trout+lemon+milk)
Level 80: Roasted river lamprey with beet chips (river lamprey+beet+butter)
Level 83: Cream braised monkfish with roasted eggplant (monkfish+eggplant+coffee cream)
Level 86: Steamed grayling in fennel sauce (grayling+fennel+whipped cream)
Level 89: Cod-zucchini casserole (cod+zucchini+cheese)
Level 92: Mushrooms filld with Marinated sea lamprey (sea lamprey+meadow mushroom+cream cheese)
Level 95: Smoked sturgeon with onion jam (sturgeon+onion+butter)
Level 98: Fourhorn sculpin with ground pear puree (fourhorn sculpin+ground pear+milk)
Level 101: Stingray rolls with pineapple salsa (stingray+pineapple+butter)
Level 104: Catfish fried with ginger butter (catfish+ginger+butter)
Level 107: Whitefish tartare with basil ice cream (whitefish+basil+ice cream)
Level 110: Creamy asp soup with sweet potato (asp+sweet potato+coffee cream)
Level 113: Roast asparagus rolled into anchovies (anchovy+asparagus+cream cheese)
Level 116: Dried bleak with mushroom dipping sauce (bleak+chanterelle+sour cream)
Level 119: Smoked eel salad with pak-choi cabbage (eel+pak-choi cabbage+sour cream)
Level 122: Grilled swordfish with orsotto (swordfish+barley+cheese)
Level 125: Blowfish sashimi with wasabi cream (blowfish+wasabi+cream cheese)