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Q: How do I start the herbalist skill?

First you have to decide whether you'd like to develop herbalist skill or collect herbs for medicines. According to this you should choose, which herbs you are going to grow in the botanical garden on the herb garden.

Q: How can I develop herbalist?

1. Start growing flax and cotton plants on herb garden.
2. Then go to the medicine-lab and make these medicines: Bandage, Band-aid, Tent and Compression bandage.
3. Use your crafting skill to make level 36 and level 44 items with the crafting oven.
4. Now you have all 6 necessary ingredients. Go to the medicine-lab and make first-aid kits on the "Packing table". You'll get herbalist points for every first-aid kit you make.

Q: How do I know which medicines I need for the hospital?

At the beginning it is useful to make all the medicines. When you've bought the hospital, you can see, which medicine you need the most to cure your patients.

Q: What determines the first-aid kits selling price?

The price depends on your endurance and herbalist skill.

Q: Can I use first-aid kit for myself as well?

Yes, you can use them in the hospital when you're hurt. If you cure yourself with the first-aid kit in the hospital, you'll get temporarily 5% better endurance.

Q: How much fame do I get from herbalist?

Herbalist fame formula is: herbalist*herbalist*9

Q: Which and how many herbs do I need for certain medicine?

1. Bandage - 1 Flax herb
2. Band-aid - 1 Flax herb
3. Tent - 1 Cotton herb
4. Compression bandage - 1 Cotton herb
5. Suture - 5 Flax herbs
6. Calendula salve - 30 Calendula herbs
7. Morphine - 50 Poppy herbs
8. Thorn tablet - 10 Thorn herbs
9. Chamomile salve - 20 Chamomile herbs
10. Shepherd's purse tablet - 20 Shepherd's purse herbs
11. Splint - 10 Bamboo herbs
12. Aloe salve - 10 Aloe herbs
13. Tea tree oil - 25 Tea tree herbs
14. Shepherd's purse salve - 20 Shepherd's purse herbs
15. Aspirin - 20 Willow herbs
16. Anti-poison - 10 Lamium herbs
17. Neck cast - 15 Bamboo herbs
18. Cancer medicine - 5 Blood-orange herbs