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Q: What’s the difference between farmland and greenhouse?

You can choose where you would like to grow fruit plants, when you start gardening. If you choose a greenhouse, you'll grow plants, which require higher temperature. Plants that are grown on farmland don't need special climate.

Q: How to grow fruit plants for cooking?

1. Steal the seeds from the "greenhouse" that you'd like to grow.
2. Sow these seeds on the "fruit garden".
3. Water the plants in order to avoid their moisture level going down to 0.
4. Then wait 96 hours, till the plants become mellow.
5. Finally cut the mellow plants and you'll get gardening points.

Q: How to raise herbs for herbalist skill?

1. Steal the seeds from the "greenhouse" that you'd like to grow.
2. Sow these seeds on the "herb garden".
3. Then wait 2 hours, till the herbs are mellow.
4. Finally transport the mellow herbs and you'll get gardening points.

Q: How many gardening points will I get from one plant/herb?

You can calculate your fruit plants points with the formula:
(plants level)+11
You can calculate your herbs points with the formula:
(gardening level)/8

Q: How does the automatic watering work?

If you've purchased an automatic watering system, you can add that to the chosen plants. Plants with automatic watering won't lose any moisture. (For example: when plant's moisture is 33 and you'll add an automatic watering on it, then the moisture will stay as 33). You can purchase more automatic watering systems after every ten gardening levels.

Q: How will the varmints come and what do they do?

Varmints may come up every time you water plants yourself, although they won't come when using automatic watering or using credit to water your plants. If varmints have been discovered on your fruit plants garden, then there's a constant threat that some of your herbs will be destroyed, so destroy them as fast as possible.

Q: How to destroy varmints?

1. Buy necessary devices from the "office" (poison sprayer, scarecrow, and mole deterrent).

2. Go to the "fruit plant garden", choose "destroy varmints" and use all the necessary devices. Before you do that, it is suggested to finish watering plants, because otherwise new varmints may come. You can purchase more devices to get rid of the varmints after every 20 gardening levels.

Q: How does the plant trading work and why should I trade?

As you can't grow all the fruit plants, you should trade fruits in order to get the missing fruits. Only then you have the possibility to do something with the fruits you grow. You can trade fruits in two different ways:

1. Check at the market, if anyone is offering suitable fruits.

2. You can choose under the link "Trade" in the fruit market, which plants you would like to put on the market for trading. We advise using this in case you don't find suitable fruits from the market.

Q: How will the fruit plants be transported?

You can choose plants and the amount from the "plant warehouse". Then the fruits will be automatically located to the correct "fruit warehouse" (according to which they'll be used in future).