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Q: How to become a good player?

Here is one of the possible versions of how to start:

1. First you should go to the tavern and train barkeeping to level 10.

(You can see the barkeeping manual by clicking HERE)

2. In the beginning you'll earn money fastest by dealing drugs.

(You can learn, how to deal drugs by clicking HERE)

3. If your barkeeping level is 10, buy a house.

(Find the reason for this by clicking HERE)

4. After buying a house you can train crafting.

(You can see the crafting manual by clicking HERE)

5. Now is the time to work on your endurance.

(Look how it is done by clicking HERE)

6. After upgrading your house, you can start training chemistry skill.

(You can see the chemistry manual by clicking HERE)

7. Now you should become a gardener in a botanical garden.

(You can see the gardening manual by clicking HERE)

8. After your first fruit plants are mellow, you should buy the tavern and start cooking.

(You can see the cooking manual by clicking HERE)

Now you have a good beginning, but you really should browse rest of the manual to become even better player. When you have more money, it is advisable to buy a bank and a fishing ship, both are necessary in order to become a great player. You should also start stealing from the villas and visit the sewer, that’s a good place to make some money. In addition, you can earn a nice payroll in Casinos, or when making bets at the streetracing.