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27.10.2012 - Invite friends and earn free premium time and credits!

If your premium membership is starting to run out we are offering you an opportunity to earn more of it for free!


It's simple! Log in and look at the bottom of Account overview. You'll find a link "Invite a friend and earn premium time and bonus credits!". It will open a new page with your referral link! Now go and add this link to your profile in facebook or myspace or to your homepage or even to forums signatures!

Every invited friend gives you 24 hours of premium time, and if your friend will register to the Green world (with energy) you'll get free credits every time he or she upgrades the house!

That's not all!

From 27.10.2012 to 23.11.2012 we'll give out more free credits every week to the top 3 players who'll invite the most new players through referral link!

1st place = 100 credits
2nd place = 50 credits
3rd place = 25 credits

Competition starts NOW and the results will be counted every Friday.

The rules

1. Only players from the Black game world can participate.
2. Everyone who get's caught faking the results (eg. registering accounts with his/her own referral id), will be eliminated from the competition.
3. We reserve the right to change the rules of competition on an ongoing basis.
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