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09.05.2012 - Several BIG updates over last few days!

We are happy to introduce you several big updates in game. Here is a little recap about what we have done:

1. Sewers
Since that part of game was a little old-fashioned we decided that it was about time to fix it and make Sewers look like Villas. Some new advantages are listed below:

• Moving and beating enemies is smoother
• Map is larger, so you can see further on
• You don't have to use sewers shutter to switch levels
• You can now go to last level with one click!
• New graphics

2. Tavern
In Tavern we felt that the whole thing needs a facelift. Some important changes:

• "Calculator" - you can now calculate several different things; for example how many clicks are left until next level or how much reputation you get from your drinks.
• Storage capacity is bigger! Raw materials storage can hold up 120 by every level and raw juice storage holds 60 from level (Old limits were 80 and 40).
• You can now make up to 50 "Spirit" with a single click.
• If your Tavern is open you can see how long your drinks will last for.
• If your Tavern is open you can see how many customers will visit it in the next 10 minutes.
• Under "Prepared drinks" you can now see drink's price.
• Raw materials aren't free anymore - their price is influenced by your Tavern's reputation.

3. Diner and botanical garden!
• Diner is now smoother and faster due to updates - while clicking your browser don't have to reload anymore.
• You can increase your barrel capacity now up to 1 500 liters. (Old limit: 1 000)
• Harvesting plants in botanical garden is now much faster.

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