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27.10.2012 - Invite friends and earn free premium time and credits!

If your premium membership is starting to run out we are offering you an opportunity to earn more of it for free!


It's simple! Log in and look at the bottom of Account overview. You'll find a link "Invite a friend and earn premium time and bonus credits!". It will open a new page with your referral link! Now go and add this link to your profile in facebook or myspace or to your homepage or even to forums signatures!

Every invited friend gives you 24 hours of premium time, and if your friend will register to the Green world (with energy) you'll get free credits every time he or she upgrades the house!

That's not all!

From 27.10.2012 to 23.11.2012 we'll give out more free credits every week to the top 3 players who'll invite the most new players through referral link!

1st place = 100 credits
2nd place = 50 credits
3rd place = 25 credits

Competition starts NOW and the results will be counted every Friday.

The rules

1. Only players from the Black game world can participate.
2. Everyone who get's caught faking the results (eg. registering accounts with his/her own referral id), will be eliminated from the competition.
3. We reserve the right to change the rules of competition on an ongoing basis.

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20.10.2012 - The new world will be opened on 22nd October at 3:00 PM (GMT)!

The new gameworld will be opened on 22nd October at 3:00 PM (GMT)!

As always, the players with the highest fame will have chance to win valuable prizes and game credits.

It is possible to play in this gameworld in 14 different languages. You will find the language selection on the top right corner of the website.

General configuration of the gameworld:
• Gameworld name: black
• Energy: disabled
• Gameworld language: multilanguage
• Update frequency: once an hour
• Gang members limit: 30
• Regular players can make 160 moves in 5 minutes
• Premium members have unlimited moves
• Regular players can move once every 0.5 seconds
• Premium members can move every 0.2 seconds

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02.10.2012 - The new betting bunker is now open!

The new betting bunker lets you place bets on 100m running competitions, fighting tournaments and racing challenges.

Since this section is still in testing phase, the wager amounts are limited to relatively small sums. This will change in the future. The maximum wager is equal to your character's fame.

We ask the players to share their ideas and comments on the new game section, including improvements you'd most like to see to make it more interesting and convenient.

The new betting bunker is located in the slums. To gain access, you also need to purchase a ticket from the market.

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09.05.2012 - Several BIG updates over last few days!

We are happy to introduce you several big updates in game. Here is a little recap about what we have done:

1. Sewers
Since that part of game was a little old-fashioned we decided that it was about time to fix it and make Sewers look like Villas. Some new advantages are listed below:

• Moving and beating enemies is smoother
• Map is larger, so you can see further on
• You don't have to use sewers shutter to switch levels
• You can now go to last level with one click!
• New graphics

2. Tavern
In Tavern we felt that the whole thing needs a facelift. Some important changes:

• "Calculator" - you can now calculate several different things; for example how many clicks are left until next level or how much reputation you get from your drinks.
• Storage capacity is bigger! Raw materials storage can hold up 120 by every level and raw juice storage holds 60 from level (Old limits were 80 and 40).
• You can now make up to 50 "Spirit" with a single click.
• If your Tavern is open you can see how long your drinks will last for.
• If your Tavern is open you can see how many customers will visit it in the next 10 minutes.
• Under "Prepared drinks" you can now see drink's price.
• Raw materials aren't free anymore - their price is influenced by your Tavern's reputation.

3. Diner and botanical garden!
• Diner is now smoother and faster due to updates - while clicking your browser don't have to reload anymore.
• You can increase your barrel capacity now up to 1 500 liters. (Old limit: 1 000)
• Harvesting plants in botanical garden is now much faster.

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